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Singulart is an online gallery for contemporary art that allows collectors and art lovers alike to buy works of art in complete security from nationally recognized artists. From abstract canvases, figurative paintings, drawings or even street art and graffiti, we offer an international selection of work in a variety of styles and techniques. Singulart is also helping emerging artists from around the globe to sell their works to art lovers.

Buy art photography and paintings online with quality and ease guaranteed.

Why buy photographs or paintings online? Because we carefully select artists from around the world using our rigorous guidelines: number of exhibitions, artist residencies, awards and inclusion in public and private collections. We make the whole experience easy by taking care of the delivery, the customs and the framing of the work.

Singulart, an online art gallery that brings contemporary artworks to everyone

Singulart believes that the digital world is an incredible tool for spreading art around the world and allowing people to purchase pieces that they love, whether it is by an emerging African artist or a more established contemporary French painter or even a rising star of street art.

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