Singulart is recruiting talented artists
to transform the global art market.

Dreamt of exhibiting in Berlin, New-York, Tokyo?
With Singulart, show your works in all these places.
At the same time. Online.

Digitally empowering artists
Standing up for diversity, ensuring quality
Proving that art has no boundaries

What Singulart does for you

  • International visibility

    We market your work and profile to collectors and online buyers around the world.

  • Tools

    We provide you with the digital tools to independently manage your artworks and get you swiftly online.

  • Sales

    We take care of online payment, shipping, delivery, insurance with 24/7 customer service.

We select artists with national recognition

and global potential

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Hear what artists are saying about us

"I haven’t yet been able to sell my works of art outside of France. Singulart appeals to me as it enables me to share my paintings with art enthusiasts around the world."

Stéphane, painter | Lyon, France

"Singulart allows me to be autonomous and sell my photographs without any hassle. I can therefore devote my time to producing new pieces."

Judith, photographer | London, UK

"I have spent a lot of time with the team at Singulart, making sure that my artistic vision is communicated in the correct manner. I have been very impressed by their care and attention to detail."

Kurt, painter | Berlin, Germany

We believe art
is made to be seen.

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