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ágnes lörincz

Ágnes Lörincz - Painter
"What do we reveal, how do we want to show ourselves - I question our identity and our society."

The artist Agnes Lörincz, originally from Romania, lives and works in Berlin. She's attended an art school since the 5th grade. She then studied Fine Arts at the University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, earned a scholarship from the Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg in 1994 and completed a six-month residency at the Cité International des Arts in Paris in 2000.

Capturing the Zeitgeist

Agnes Lörincz deals with socio-political topics such as globalization, consumption and advertising in her works. Agnes Lörincz extends this idea and asks fundamental questions about the identity of a constantly changing society. Lörincz finds inspiration in traveling, in the media or in everyday life. It is in the tradition of classical modernism and pop art.

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Painting and Collages

The painting by Agnes Lörincz is based on a figurative formal language that photography prescribes. The painterly reproduction of surface structures and their materiality is in the foreground. Often she also integrates textiles in her pictures as collage elements and, at the same time, painterly reproduces their pattern forms. Her goal is to achieve a kind of deception, so that the viewer can not distinguish the painted parts from the textile parts.

Breaking Free from Communist Society

Thanks to her move to Germany, Agnes Lörincz discovered a world that is not censored by communism. She draws steady inspiration from this, because she knows the opposite of a pure consumer society. Thus she succeeds in the exact observation and questioning of a society. It is particularly meaningful to discover her work in exhibitions with international artists, both in Germany and abroad.



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