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alžběta müller

Alžběta Müller - Painter

The painter, Alžběta Müller, was born in Usti nad Labem in the Czech Republic in 1972. Today she lives and works in Munich. She attended the SPŠ Grafická, a graphics school in Prague, where she developed her passion for depicting people, which she then further intensified at the art of nude painting courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and the University JE Purkyne in Usti nad Labem.

The heart's desire for creativity

In 1995, at the age of 23, Alžběta Müller came to Germany, where she attended the DTP Academy in Neu Isenburg and worked as a graphic designer for advertising agencies in Frankfurt and Munich. Lacking satisfaction from her uncreative work, she decides in 2001 to fully devote herself to her passion, painting, creating self-portraits and portraits of friends and family for which she mostly used her own photographs.

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The human as an individual

Alžběta Müller's works are about humans as individual on their quest for discovering their own identity. Her large format portrait paintings are a mixture of drawing with chalk and charcoal and painting with acrylic and oil paint. The viewer finds faces of melancholic and thoughtful men and women with a strong expression and yet vulnerable charisma, which allow him to explore his own ego.

A creative painter on her road to success

The works of Alžběta Müller have been exhibited in galleries and at art fairs in Munich, Prague, or Regensburg, as well as in museums in Munich and Usti nad Labem in the Czech Republic.