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alessandro cannistrà

Alessandro Cannistrà - Painter, Photographer

Alessandro Cannistrà is an Italian visual artist, living and working between Rome and Milan. His innovative techniques allow him to explore the more abstracted notions of time, silence, alienation and the sublime.

Flammable Artistry

Over the years Cannistrà has developed a technique that strays away from more classical means of artistic expression: smoke. He has mastered his manipulation of smoke, so much so that he is able to create a subtle and refined chiaroscuro that captures the delicacy of watercolour. Despite the dark soot and destructive nature of fire, the works become ethereal and an homage to the relationship between man and nature.

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Fire and Ash

Cannistra subjects the canvas to prolonged exposure to flames, stopping just before it catches fire so that a thick soot forms on the surface of the canvas. In this way, we can see the physical pressure that the material has undergone. From a figurative point of view, what emerges on the canvas are imaginary, unrecognizable hinterlands that materialise from the bright whites, eroded by the flames.

Venice, Basel and Beyond

Cannistrà has exhibited extensively throughout Italy and abroad, in places such as Abu Dhabi, Singapore and in both Basel and Miami at Art Basel.  His work was exhibited at the esteemed 54th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale. Acquisitions of his work are held in prestigious institutions, notably the Guggenheim Museum and the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi.



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