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anastasia kurakina

Anastasia Kurakina - Painter

Anastasia Kurakina is a Russian visual artist. Born in Moscow in 1987, she is a graduate of the Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where she is currently living and working. Kurakina’s paintings harness the foundations of The Russian School while breathing new life into the watercolour tradition.

Expressive Portraiture

Kurakina works with pencil, ink, watercolour and oil in order to create her lively and ephemeral portraits, inspired by real life experience. She wants to portray the character and life force of her subjects, she captures this energy with her fleeting brush, creating a final piece that is almost like a metaphor for life itself.  

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Live Painting

Kurakina often hosts live painting sessions during which she creates large format portraits. She makes no preparatory sketches, but is able to capture the essential features and character of her sitter. The elegant watercolours and decisive brushstrokes take the place of the sitter’s emotions yet remains faithful to their gaze, giving each fast-tempo work its distinct individuality.

Emerging Contemporary

In 2015 Kurakina’s work was included in a group show at the MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. More recently she has held a solo exhibition at the Russian Cultural Center in London and been featured in the prestigious BP Portrait Award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London.



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