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Anna Rosenback - Painter
"I see my abstract art as an open portal to the boundless, intuitive and vibrant world of our subconscious"

Anna Rosenback is a Russian landscape and figurative painter,  born in Moscow and now living and working near Stockholm, Sweden. She started painting from the age of eleven, exploring various techniques and mediums. Rosenback then spent 8 years in formal Art education at institutions such as Art School N.1, Moscow and State Art School, thereafter, following the discipline as a full time career.  

Being expert in Abstraction and Figurative alike

Specialising in figurative landscapes and abstract works, Rosenback aims to capture the beauty of each style. Sharing a fond appreciation of  nature, she aims to convey the sense of happiness she feels when she visits these settings in person. Conversely, abstraction provides her with an opportunity to experiment with colour variation, free forms and different structures. The skills obtained by practicing these experiments compliment both of her chosen styles.

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Relying on Past Experience

Rosenback paints her abstract work in oil, using custom-made squeegee, paintings knives and brushes to accumulate several layers on the canvas. This gives more texture to her work, and a sense of concreteness and reality. To paint her landscapes, she follows her memory, experiences  to help her create her initial composition that she uses as a foundation for her painting. For both styles, she stays spontaneous to keep her engaged and interested in painting.

International Recognition for the Russian-born Painter

Anna Rosenback has exhibited at art fairs and galleries in countries including : Sweden, France, Italy, UK and USA. She has displayed her work at the Affordable Art Fair and the Art Nordic Art Fair.



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