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painter, draftsman | Switzerland

Beatrice Archinard

Beatrice Archinard - painter, draftsman
"The first thing that attracted me was the smell of painting, of the turpentine. Then, the colours, the luminous vivacity of pure pigments."

Béatrice Archinard is a plastics artist who was born in Geneva.  Her artwork unfolds in a range of formats including painting, sculpture and engraving.

Art, a family history

Béatrice Archinard discovered art in the château of her great-grandfather when a cousin asked her to pose for some portraits.  During these sittings, she encountered the smells associated with painting and the purity of pigments.  So, she asked her cousin to teach her to paint.  She then followed several courses in order to learn more about the different techniques that interested her the most.  This was how she learned about modelling at the School of Decorative Arts but also about engraving and sculpture in private workshops.

Art as an inner necessity

For Béatrice Archinard, art imposes itself on beings who could not live without it.  It is a pressing need to create, an abundance that bubbles up in the head of an artist.  The artistic work of Béatrice Archinard manifests itself in a figurative style that could be called “naïve.” More often than not, it represents landscapes or scenes from daily life, whether on a large format canvas or in a small engraving, in order to convey her emotions, her dreams or even ephemeral visions that have appeared to her.

National recognition

The artistic works of Béatrice Archinard have been shown at numerous public and private exhibitions in Switzerland, her native country, but also in France and Bulgaria.  In 2005, one of her works was given the « Jury’s Choice Award » at the Art Air Festival.  Her work was also selected in 2013 for the Festival of Graphic Art which was organised by the city of Geneva.


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Gravures. Animaux

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Rêve et art

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Carnets de voyage

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Peinture sur toile - Nature, paysage

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Peinture sur toile - Scènes de genre

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Peinture sur toile - Marines

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  • 2017
    Fêteàsoral - Nominated– Soral, Genève, Switzerland
  • 2013
    Journée Internationale de la Paix - Nominated– Genève, Switzerland
  • 2005
    Festival Art'Air - Nominated– Genève, Switzerland
  • 1992
    Exposition de l'atelier Gratienen Nebel- Prix du public– Genève, Switzerland

Group exhibitions

  • 2017
    Recyclage / Galerie Ferme Sarasin – Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland
  • 2017
    Fêtàsoral / Mairie de Soral – Soral, Switzerland
  • 2017
    Si l'Art m'était conté / Galerie Aux Portes de la Champagne – Bernex, Switzerland
  • 2017
    Galerie de Portraits / Villa Dutoit – Genève, Switzerland
  • 2016
    Rock aux Bains / Bains des Pâquis – Genève, Switzerland
  • 2016
    20 Ans d'enseignement de Jo Fontaine / Fonderie Pastori – Carouge, Switzerland
  • 2016
    Tatouages / La Julienne – Plan-Les-Ouates, Switzerland
  • 2016
    Carte Postale / Villa Dutoit – Genève, Switzerland
  • 2016
    Mini Print / Chapelle de l'Hôtel Dieu – Dreux, France
  • 2016
    Enter Intou Art / Cultural Center, Municipal Museum – Bonn, Cologne, Nassau, Diez, Germany
  • 2016
    Enter Into Art / Cultural Center, Municipal Museum – Cologne, Nassau, Diez, Germany

Solo exhibitions

  • 2014
    Histoire d'Eaux / Galerie la Primaire – Conches, Switzerland
  • 2009
    Orient...Passion / Galerie Ruine – Genève, Switzerland
  • 2008
    Genève dans tous ses états et autres détours / Ferme Sarasin – Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland
  • 2004
    Itinerrances... / Ferme Sarasin – Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland
  • 2001
    Oeuvres Récentes / Galerie Open – Genève, Switzerland
  • 2001
    Oeuvres Récentes / Galerie du Raccard – Saint-Luc, Switzerland


  • 2005
    Le Courrier : Le Courrier / 05.09.2015 Caroline Stevens Des Artistes croquent / Page 3 Régions– Des artistes croquent Genève en "live"
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