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christoph mügge

Christoph Mügge - Painter, Draftsman
"I realized early on that I had to become an artist to find happiness."

German-Swedish artist Christoph Mügge, born in Bonn in 1983, now lives in Malmö in Sweden, where he works as an artist. He studied Fine Art at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, where he received his doctorate in 2013 under Prof. Richard Deacon. Christoph Mügge's paintings, sculptures and installations have been displayed and discussed in international galleries and art museums as early as 2007, while he was still completing his studies.

The canvas as a battlefield

Christoph Mügge realized that his calling is to be an artist at a young age, so he chose to pursue this path. During his studies, he began by painting abstract, large-format paintings, in which he lets his explosive creative energy flow freely with powerful brushstrokes, piles of paint or footprints. In these works, he incorporates details such as towers, bridges, machines or scaffolding and makes the canvas appear like a desolate landscape, abandoned by any life, which triggers both fascination and oppression among its viewers. 

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The spectrum garbage

Later on, Christoph Mügge switches to sculpturing and installation in order to realize his feelings and ideas in three dimensions. In his roomy, noisy, partly mechanical installations, he likes to use ambiguous motifs, such as trash or trash cans, thus raising more questions than he is able to answer. Forms lose and change themselves, new compositions come together.

A full-on internationally recognized artist

Christoph Mügge has exhibited his works in numerous international solo and group exhibitions, including the Art Museum Gelsenkirchen, the Art Residence Rhenania in Cologne, the Art Association Bochumer Kulturrat, the Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf and the 6th Höhler Biennale in Gera. He has received numerous residencies such as the Aabenraa Artweek in Denmark, the Franco-German artist exchange "PASSAGE" at isdaT beaux-arts in France, Antonie-Leins-Künstlerhaus in Germany, ARE Enschede in the Netherlands, Serlachius Residency in Finland, UK Art and Design Bildschule in the USA, Heinrich Böll Cottage in Iceland, AiR Jakobstad Finland, arTwins in open spaces in Cyprus and Est-Nord-Est in Canada. His work was discussed by the German art magazine "Kunnst" and his work was featured on the front page of the magazine "Atelier". 



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