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Claire Artemyz - Photographer

An artist with an atypical career path, Claire Artemyz is a photographer currently living and working in Paris.

From medicine to photography

Claire Artemyz was a physician and neurobiologist who decided to dedicate herself full time to her photography in 1997.  Her desire to work on the image, exploring and questioning the idea of identity without communicating in words is what led her to leave her career as a scientist for an artistic career instead.  She subsequently began her studies in plastic arts, enrolled at the École des Gobelins in 2001 and improved her skills in video and photography.  Since then, she has explored the world, past and present, with the forensic eye of a scientist combined with the sensitivity of an artist.

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A questioning of identity  

Claire Artemyz explores different universes in her photographs, always gravitating towards an interrogation of human identity.  From prehistory, in order to express her view on the origins of man, to tattooing and other forms of body art, the artist works in close-up using light to display her subjects in a way that we have never seen them before.  Similarly fascinated by birds, with her series « Flowers of the Sky, » she addresses the feathered universe that she has photographed for years, returning us to the idea of identity, diversity and natural beauty.

Recognition by museums

Now exhibiting all over the world, Claire Artemyz has won the confidence of numerous museum curators from whose collections the unique work of this artist has taken inspiration, notably the Musée des Confluences in Lyon and the Museum of Man in Paris where her works have been the subject of exhibitions.  Her work is also well represented in several private collections both in France and abroad.


Les Fleurs du Ciel

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