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Doménico Cv Talarico - Painter
"In one's lifetime, does one succeed at achieving something that has a positive, cultural or sustainable impact? Or does one simply live a monotonous life in the shadows of history?"

The German painter and illustrator with an Italian background, Doménico Carmine Venturo Talarico, was born and raised in Gießen in 1989. Today, the artist lives and works in Berlin and creates his dreamy and futuristic paintings, which simultaneously convey a melancholy of past eras.

A free spirit with a strong will

Fascinated by people and their stories, Doménico CV Talarico frequents flea markets to purchase photographs of people unknown to him who lived decades ago. Images that give off a special aura to him, for example, through a deep gaze, an interesting scenery or a short anecdote on the back - these are photograph the artist reinterprets and transfers to canvas to let them awaken to new life.

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The philosophical question of our identity

Following the question of human identity, Doménico CV Talarico employs flowing brush strokes to create his figures in pastel acrylic and oil colors. The artist creates a fictitious world in which people come back to life. Thus, the observer of his works looks at men, women and children from the 1900-1950s. His unique style allows room for interpretation, who these people were and what they experienced, causing viewers to sink into their own world of thoughts and reflect on deeply ingrained dreams and desires.

A talented newcomer

The young artist, Doménico CV Talarico, a newcomer to the world of art, has had his works exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Budapest. He is also a founding member of the Enter Art Foundation in Berlin.


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