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painter | France

Dominique Albertelli

Dominique Albertelli - painter

Dominique Albertelli is a French painter, whose work, containing elements of spirituality, has inspired written works as well as the recognised Chinese artist Chen Zhen. She is currently living and working in Paris.

A unique journey

Albertelli was born in France and spent her childhood travelling across the Indian Ocean and, later, the Amazon and South America. Her different travels made her open-minded and, later, led her to live, for several years, in complete immersion amongst Native American tribes by the Oyapock River, bordering Brazil and the French Guiana. When she returned to Paris, with the aim of perfecting her artistic technique, Albertelli decided to attend classes at the college of fine arts, crafts and applied arts École Boulle.

Figurative work

Albertelli’s work is mysterious and poetic, but, above all else, it has a very clear figurative quality. Through her work, she tackles themes such as human relationships and the complexities and difficulties they entail. The painter uses vibrant colours, like red, to emphasise the importance of her ideas. She studies the problem of identity, representing it, often, by painting human figures with animal heads and drawing out internal contradictions. Alterity is at the heart of her artistic reflections, as suggested by her reference to “Je est un autre” (“I is someone else”) by Arthur Rimbaud.

An international artist

At a time where choosing painting as a means of expression is considered daring, Albertelli has established herself internationally. Her work has been exhibited numerous times in France as well as abroad, notably in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. The artist has also won several prizes, such as the Colas prize in 2002.


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Group exhibition

  • 2016
    Galerie du Comble Belgique / Galerie du Comble – Virton, Belgium

Solo exhibitions

  • 2018
    Dominique Albertelli / Galerie 84Bonaparte – Paris, France
  • 2017
    Le monde comme je suis / Galerie BGDL – Paris, France
  • 2016
    Galerie Christian Karoutzos / Clermont Ferrand – Clermont Ferrad, France

Permanent collection

  • Nombreuses collections privées, France
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