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Eric Chomis - Painter
"In my paintings, it is all about internal and imaginary landscapes that have no link with reality except in their affected attachment to this world."

Known for his relief oil paintings, Eric Chomis is a French painter, born in 1965 in Lyon.

An artist since childhood

Describing himself as a self-taught artist because of his relationship with painting, Eric Chomis studied History of Art at the Academy des Beaux Arts in Lyon. Since he was a child, the artist has felt that painting is a way of expressing himself and allowing his buried emotions to escape.  At the age of ten, he already enjoyed reproducing photographs of animals.  Then, in adolescence, he veered towards gouaches in order to free his intense need for expression.  From then on, he never stopped painting.

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Joyful and innocent paintings

The subjects that Eric Chomis prefers are landscapes that are more or less urban which he uses to set the scene in a sort of wondrous world, the world of rarefied childhood.  The painter searches for spontaneity in his technique, he positions shapes and colours and works with the simplest materials possible, in an almost childlike manner.  He uses his knowledge to give rhythm to his paintings, like Brueghel or maybe even Bonnard, so that they become an art form that expresses great depth and intensity.

An artist recognised by his peers

During his studies at the Academy des Beaux Arts in Lyon, Eric Chomis received significant encouragement from some of the famous painters of the Lyonnaise School such as Truphémus, Fusaro and Cottavoz.  The latter commented about his work that “it was profoundly unusual, that he had his own style and that these are the real challenges for any artist. “ This painter has now exhibited on numerous occasions in both France and abroad, notably, in New York, Cologne and Singapore.


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