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gina parr

Gina Parr - Painter, Photographer
"My practice reflects the fundamental need to express the bittersweet nature of the human condition through abstracted scape and form."

Gina Parr is a British painter currently based in London's East End and Devon. She earned a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art and shortly afterwards studied Set Design at Chelsea College of Art where she subsequently lectured. This led to a lengthy 25 year career in Set Design where she worked for major UK media channels such as the BBC.  

The Contrast of Extensive and Confined Spaces                                   

Parr focuses on the human condition and how this concept is often a doubled-edged sword through the style of abstraction. She finds inspiration from the immense beautiful landscapes of Devon as well as the lonely predicament of being the only child with a mother with a hoarding disorder. This resulted in Parr having mixed memories containing moments of light, darkness, and vulnerability. Therefore, she seeks to create order from chaos, always being completely in control of the space she creates in her work.   

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The Foundation Provided by Opposing Mediums                                   

Parr photographs illusionary space in the pandemonium of urban environments including Europe and Far East Asia. She captures man-made marks, decay and interesting textures, giving them a new purpose within her composition. While painting, Parr uses a mix of both random and systematic brush strokes, reflecting the push and pull of control and chance of events on our lives. Her work is metaphorical, equivocal, organic and atmospheric.

A Promising National Talent     

Gina Parr has taken part in various British exhibitions including the Battersea Affordable Art Fair and the Other Art Fair, in London. Further, her paintings belong to several collections in the UK and the US, poised for establishing an international presence.


The intelligence of feeling

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Scratching away the black wax crayon

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Spatial history

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River meets sea

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