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painter | Poland

Maciej Cieśla

Maciej Cieśla - painter

The Polish painter Maciej Cieśla has developed his particular style by combining and reinterpreting traditional styles, such as neo-fauvism, abstract geometric form and symbolism. Born in 1988, he graduated in Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Wrocław, under the supervision of Piotr Błażejewski in 2013.

Search for unique style

Maciej Cieśla spent two years searching for his unique style and for the right tools enabling him to realize his artistic expression. The reinterpretation of traditional movements results in a colorful, expressive, figurative paintings. The freedom of forms, some are more geometric, some are more abstract, allows the artist to examine different themes in his oil paintings.  

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Human relations

One of Maciej Cieśla’s main themes is the relationship between women and men. In the background of the paintings, the spectator can discover a lot of mythological, symbolic or folkloritic attributes defining the woman or man. Cieśla shows an ironic approach to evil characters and highlights the difficult relation between women and men. On the one hand, women can be evil and mean in his paintings, on the other hand masculin demons can be tempted by female beauty.

Emerging artist

Maciej Cieśla already held solo shows in Polish gallery’s spaces, such as at Gravity Gallery in Warsaw 2013 or the DNA Galerie in Wroclaw 2017.


Forms of Nature

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Ghosts of nature

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Women and dogs

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ghost of nature 2018 expressive / abstract

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  • 2013
    Project for City Elblag Logotype- First prize for City Logo award– Elblag, Poland

Group exhibition

  • 2012
    Group Exhibition- Nature and modern inspirations / Edu Gallery – Warsaw, Poland

Solo exhibitions

  • 2017
    Materia / DNA Galerie – Wrocław - Breslau, Poland
  • 2015
    Woman, Satan and Apocalypse / Edith Stein institutuion house – Wrocław- Breslau, Poland
  • 2013
    City inspirations / Gravity gallery space – Warsaw, Poland
  • 2013
    City inspirations- Japan / Radison / MDS Gallery – Wrocław, Poland


Permanent collection

  • 2017
    Gallery Next Collection, Poland
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