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maj-gret gaupås

Maj-Gret Gaupås - Painter
"The different ways of mark making can give the viewer associations to places in nature, or the mixture of imagery arriving from a place between idea, dream and memory. Maybe my work can take you there."

Maj-Gret Gaupås is a Norwegian visual artist working in London, whose work focuses on painting as both process and subject.

Celebration of the Pastoral

Having grown up in the bucolic Ytre-Arna region of Norway, Gaupås recalls spending the majority of her childhood outside amongst the nature. The Norwegian landscape informs the shapes and movements of her canvas. A former literature student, narrative is important to Gaupås. Even in her more abstracted pieces, the meeting of form and shape evokes a strong sense of storytelling.

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Paint Meets Process

Material is key to Gaupås’s process. Although currently exploring the technique of acrylic paint, she often experiments with printing, textiles and woodcuts, playing around with paraffin, wax and acrylic ink to further her investigation of process. For this meeting of elements, the composition and structure is essential for the exploration of line and form to play out. These lines and abstracted forms, along with the physicality of the painting process becomes a way for Gaupås to formalise and express the human experience.

Emerging Talent

Gaupås has just completed the painting programme at the esteemed Turps Banana Art School. In 2016 she received The Norwegian Visual Arts Fund, NFUK work grant in order to further explore her investigation of process and materiality.


2016 Way out

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Fell well 2016

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Domestic offprints

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Small paintings - mixed

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