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marleen sleeuwits

Marleen Sleeuwits - Photographer
"I create a disorienting effect by fiddling with our perception of time, place and event, which no longer seem to exist as a unity."

When standing in front of a work by the Netherlandish artist, Marleen Sleeuwits, one cannot help but feel slightly unsettled, disconnected or even alienated from the situation captured. A certain estrangement from a known environment.

Where am I?

Rather than photographing existing architecture, Sleeuwits transforms the interiors of random places, be it the lifeless corner of an office building, the empty corridor of a hotel or the waiting room of an airport. These settings of everyday life, experienced by most people, all have something intriguing in common in Sleeuwits’ compositions - they are each void of life, natural light and interaction with the outside world. Where am I? What time is it? What is going on?

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Big Room, Little Room

Somewhere between reality and illusion, Sleeuwits’ spaces make her viewers question their perception of the most common of places. Scale is distorted to the point that the viewer questions their size by comparison, as immense sheets of paper, clusters of neon tubes and tin foil skew their surroundings.

A Photo-Sensation

Marleen Sleeuwits has exhibited throughout Europe, notably at the Nederlands Fotomuseum; Belfast Photo Festival; and the Brno House of Arts, Czech Republic. In 2016 Marleen Sleeuwits’ first major monograph 'On the Soft Edge of Space' was published by Onomatopee. Her work is represented in prestigious public and private collections.



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