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martha zmpounou

Martha Zmpounou - Painter
"The figure becomes a platform where identities are hidden and revealed."

Martha Zmpounou is a Greek visual artist based in London. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Aristotle University in Greece as well as masters in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. Since university, Zmpounou has committed herself to being a full time artist, further teaching the subject in the UK.

Connection Through Distortion

Zmpounou’s artworks largely focus on the human form however, instead of producing the figure as one sole entity, she combines visuals together that are structured as fragmented independent pieces. Once these images are combined, they consolidate to portray one individual. In spite of this, the work remains to have an essence of being unfinished.   The white canvas background emphasises this further, encouraging the viewer to focus more on the incomplete areas, bridging these gaps according to their own perception of Zmpounou’s art.

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Adapting to Spontaneity

Zmpounou’s artistic process involves cutting and reassembling images (drawings, sketchings and fragments of textures) to produce a whole new visual image. She does not have a fixed vision of her end product; it is rather constantly subject to change. The images are edited and manipulated to portray a narrative about the human figure in focus.   

International Acclamation

Post University, Martha Zmpounou has exhibited on a wide global scale. Nationally, she has taken part in shows including: the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Discerning Eye and the Lynn Painter-Stainer prize. Further, she has collaborated with companies such as Nike, Phillip Morris and UAL.



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Pink Figures

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