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sally stafford

Sally Stafford - Painter
"My paintings aim to recreate the feelings that time spent in nature invokes"

Sally Stafford is a British painter. She lives between the United Kingdom and Spain, which has a particular impact on her expressive canvases inspired by nature.

Myth and Memory in Nature

Stafford’s work explores questions of memory and mythology through study of and curiosity about the natural world. Recreating in paint the moments of serenity and reflection that she feels when surrounded by nature results in paintings that are lively and multi layered, but often with peace and calm at their heart.

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Observation and Control vs Memory and Spontaneity

Stafford’s process is based on both memory and observation. While at times she works from sketches or photographs, often she relies on her memories of certain places and the feelings that those places bring to the surface. Stafford places her canvas on the floor, making the pieces a combination of controlled artistry and the spontaneity of liquid paint. She works with acrylic, oil and more unusually, cold wax and metal leaf.

International Residencies

Stafford has exhibited extensively in galleries and art fairs across the UK and abroad. From 2007 to 2014 she was invited to be the artist in residence at OBRAS in Portugal and in the summer of 2016, took part in a residency with the Gwent Wildlife Trust in the UK.