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veronika tumova

Veronika Tumova - Photographer
"I entrust each of my stories to the viewer so that, for a few seconds, time stands still in favour of the narrative that each of them would like to build."

A self-taught artist, Veronika Tumova is a photographer of Czech origin who has now settled in Portugal after having lived for many years in France.  Her poetic universe with a blurred aesthetic, evokes love and solitude but also mementoes and memories.

Photography as a form of evidence

Having always felt the need to express herself through art without having really found her true vocation, it was when she arrived in France in 2009 that Veronika Tumova discovered her raison d’être as she handled a companion’s camera for the first time.  Photography rapidly imposed itself upon her as a form of expression in its own right and in the course of her initiation into this art form, she unearthed her preference for abstract images.  Nowadays, she transposes her dreams and her emotions into her photography with great sensitivity and is inspired by nature in order to get under the skin of some of her more elusive characters

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A dream world

“I aspire to touch everyone’s subconscious, “she says.  Veronika Tumova plays on the notion of anonymity so that everyone can transpose their own dreams and their own universe on to her works.  Each of her photographs invite us into a melancholy dream world, between light and shadow, and beckons to our imagination by provoking strong emotions.  Mastering the art of blurring her photographs as a really specific technique, the artist is inspired by painting as she puts more emphasis on natural light and on using different shooting techniques which give her work a ghostly aesthetic.

An international artist

The unusual world of Veronika Tumova has earned her prestigious exhibitions in Europe and the United States and she has been rewarded with repeated recognition notably being awarded the SFR prize for Young Talent in 2014 and she was chosen to exhibit her work at Arles in 2016.  This is a young photographer who is assured of an exceptional career.


Surreal scenary

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