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william guilmain

William Guilmain - Photographer
"Poetry holds an important place in my images because it is the only thing that enables me to « see the world"

The black and white works of the French photographer, William Guilmain, nestle between Cartesianism and romanticism.  It expresses a quest for « Being » across different societies and on paths yet to be travelled as evidenced in the series “Cosmos” and “The Edge of the World.”

The curiosity of a child of nature, a researcher in biology …….

William Guilmain spent his childhood in the middle of fields and forests building huts.  As an adult, he trained as a researcher in biology working intensively on cancer.  Today, he has put science aside in order to concentrate on his photographic work which is still heavily linked to nature.

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...and the sensitivity of a poet

Although William Guilmain has written poetry for a long time, his camera has progressively taken over from the pen over the past 14 years.  His poetic sensitivity has certainly influenced his way of working.  Once a particular spot has been identified, the photographer waits for nature to give him a sign, a gust of wind, a particular light or a passer-by, before taking his shots.

A budding photographer

Since devoting himself entirely to photography, William Guilmain has been working on multiple projects, exhibitions and publications.  The artist exhibits mainly in France and has already had several publications in the specialist press, notably in “The Eye” for photography, the Elephant Corridor and in the Dohdo Magazine.


The edges of the World

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