Dix sept heures

Anne Brerot, France

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Dix sept heures | Painting

About Anne Brerot

"In my paintings, there is just the essential: an almost childish vision of nature that all of us carry within ourselves, a universal recognition of mankind and his environment."

Born in 1962 in Angers, (France), the artist Anne Brérot creates landscapes that fluctuate between reality and reminiscence.  

Passage and feeling: translating the emotions of a landscape

An officer’s daughter, Anne Brérot has kept the feeling of transience from a childhood that was punctuated by numerous house moves.  Representing solely the essence of a landscape, she captures its evanescence and emotions.  Often a simple image of a landscape does not speak to someone who has not actually experienced it, but Anne Brérot manages to convey it perfectly in all its depth and richness.

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