Schichten aus Gestein oder Laub, Spuren von herabgefallenen Blättern, durchzogen von Rinnsalen.

Schichtung (Pink) | Painting
Schichtung (Pink) | Painting
About Beate Köhne

The German painter Beate Köhne lives and works in Berlin. Before becoming self-employed as a freelance artist in 2012, she spent 12 years studying drawing, acrylic and oil painting, such as the class of Norbert Bisky at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria.

Processes of Nature

In her works Beate Köhne deals with processes and energies of nature. Growing up in Bielefeld on the edge of the Teutoburg Forest, she has always felt a strong bond with nature. In her pictures, she is interested in growth as such and not the lifelike representation. Lines and shapes are amorphous and organic at the same time.

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