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Linogravure. Femme tenant une serviette, devant un paravent.

Nu au paravent Beatrice Archinard Print Engraving on Paper
Nu au paravent Beatrice Archinard Print Engraving on Paper
About Beatrice Archinard

Béatrice Archinard is a plastics artist who was born in Geneva.  Her artwork unfolds in a range of formats including painting, sculpture and engraving.

Art, a family history

Béatrice Archinard discovered art in the château of her great-grandfather when a cousin asked her to pose for some portraits.  During these sittings, she encountered the smells associated with painting and the purity of pigments.  So, she asked her cousin to teach her to paint.  She then followed several courses in order to learn more about the different techniques that interested her the most.  This was how she learned about modelling at the School of Decorative Arts but also about engraving and sculpture in private workshops.

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