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Mi-hommes, mi-bêtes, animaux mythiques enchantés par la flûte d’un dieu Pan citadin, les êtres fantasques de Benjamin Deguenon sont un havre d'imagination. La surface blanche révèle le noir du crayon, l’encre du stylo et les pastels qu'il laisse parfois courir sur le papier d’une manière qui rappelle l’écriture automatique des surréalistes. Certains dessins ressemblent à des esquisses, contours griffonnés qui nous laissent suspendus, joyeusement…Learn more +

Irréalité VII Benjamin Deguenon Drawing Pastel
Irréalité VII Benjamin Deguenon Drawing Pastel
About Benjamin Deguenon

Benjamin Deguenon is a plastic artist and expresses himself through installations, drawing, and sculpture. Originally from Mono in Benin, he was born in the old capital Abomey in 1982. Today, he lives in Cotonou.

A self-taught artist

Ever since his childhood years, Deguenon has been drawing and honing his craft, following his predecessor Dominique Zinkpé, also a self-taught artist from Benin. His work, which focuses on the complexities that exist between tradition and a consumerist society, has been enriched through his contact with other artists, whom he met by living in different parts of the world.

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