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The series titled 'Robber Barons' is about the new Gilded Age that society is currently going through. The first Gilded Age was a period of history in the United States that took place at the end of the 19th century, during the first Industrial Revolution. The era was notable for its income inequality, with the majority of new wealth going to the new industrialist class, otherwise known as the Robber Barons. The Robber Barons also used their wealth…Learn more +

Hard Landing Casey Mckee Painting Oil on Canvas
Hard Landing Casey Mckee Painting Oil on Canvas
About Casey Mckee

American artist Casey McKee was born in 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been living in Berlin since 2003, where he works as a freelance artist. His works, a conceptual combination of photography and painting, were exhibited and acquired throughout Europe, the United States and East Asia.


Casey Mckee's works are a combination of photography and painting in which the themes vary from series to series. They are often about power structures and systems. With each series, the artist focuses on a single concept that he explores through several works in order to create a sort of narrative. He often employs humor or absurdity in order to not appear didactic. As a result, the viewer is free to draw his own conclusions.

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