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The stencil artwork "PINK STONE" belongs to the series of the artist Christoph Fuhrken a.k.a. Kamelogana, which he summarizes under the term "Trojan women". Photorealistic but in the color strongly reduced women's motifs, which all have something in common, on all artworks there is the symbol of a camel. For Christoph Fuhrken a symbol of peace in the world, a vision, like a mirage. The symbol of a "peace camel" in the interplay with a flower. Material:…Learn more +

PINK STONE Christoph Fuhrken Painting Acrylic, Collage, Spray paint on Wood
PINK STONE Christoph Fuhrken Painting Acrylic, Collage, Spray paint on Wood
About Christoph Fuhrken

German artist Christoph Fuhrken was born in 1961 in Oldenburg (Lower Saxony). Today he lives in Rastede where he works as a freelance artist under the artist name KAMELOGANA.

For peace

Christoph Fuhrken's artistic career begins on the eve of the war in Iraq in 2003. As a member of an Art Association in Darmstadt, he organized a peace soiree with artist friends. A tad later, he begins to process the war in watercolor diaries. The consequence were two characteristic and recurring motifs in his works: A two-humped camel and a four-petalled flower. Symbols that can be found in all his works of art.

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