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About Danja Akulin

"Coal and graphite are to me what color is to other painters: A fundamental and expressive element."

Danja Akulin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1977. He moved to Berlin in 2000 to study at the University of Arts, and still lives and works there today. As a student, he studied under Georg Baselitz and Daniel Richter. His aesthetic black and white drawings are minimalistic and conceptual.

In the Penumbra

In his drawings, Danja Akulin captures light and shadow, thus preserving moods and emotions. He receives inspiration from his environment, as well as his dreams and memories, and depicts objects such as barcodes, fingerprints or even landscapes and trees. His longtime teacher and mentor Georg Baselitz supported and helped shape his artistic work and vision. Other artists such as Anselm Kiefer and Gerhard Richter also influenced the work of Danja Akulin.

Complex Drawings

For most of his works, Danja Akulin relies on materials such as graphite, charcoal and pencil. When it comes to his large-sized canvas works, he varies the thickness and fineness of the lines to create a fusion and dissolution of contours. In the same way most painters relate to colors, Akulin uses the texture of his drawings as his artistic means of expression.

An International Artist

Danja Akulin has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout Europe and the USA, including the Poll Gallery Berlin (Berlin), Mimi Ferzt Gallery NYC (USA), the Erarta Gallery London (UK) or the Fano Art Museum (Denmark). Akulin has also had his art on display in Russia: Among others, he exhibited at the Triumph Gallery, the Moscow Center of Art, the St. Petersburg Rizzordi Art Foundation or the Perm Biennal of Graphic Art. He received the 2017 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Scholarship.

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