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“The British Indian Viceroy’s Flag, 1885” 2013 213cm high x 330cm long (84” x 130”) Textile intervention on tribal carpet, wall-mounted The British Indian Viceroy’s own version of the Union Jack from 1885. The Star of India monogram dominates its heart and is inscribed with “Heavens Light Our Guide”. The majority of this embroidery was achieved with a hand-cranked Singer 7-33 sewing machine of a similar period.

About David Chalmers Alesworth

David Chalmers Alesworth is a dual-national artist who divides his time between Bristol, UK and Pakistan. He produces work in a variety of media, including textiles, drawing and painting, which are influenced by his time in Pakistan. Alesworth examines the idea of the garden as an archival formation across cultures.

Cultural connections

Alesworth studied for a BFA from Wimbledon College of Art, London, and an MFA from Transart Institute, Berlin. He moved to Pakistan in 1989, collaborating with Pakistani artists in the group ‘Karachi Pop’ in the 1990s. Alesworth’s work is influenced by his position as a British artist with Pakistani nationality; he is interested in cross-cultural communication and the impact of colonialism.

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