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Dans la mythologie grecque, Pégase (en grec ancien Πήγασος / Pếgasos, en latin Pegasus) est un cheval ailé. Un coursier ailé, inlassable à la course. Et qui passe dans l'air comme une rafale de vent.

Pégase Dayva Achikhman Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Pégase Dayva Achikhman Painting Acrylic on Canvas
About Dayva Achikhman

Dayva Achikhman is a painter and graphic designer, born in 1966 in Russia. She studied at art school in Yaroslavl, Russia and a school of design and applied arts in Paris.

An all-round artist

Achikhman could be referred to as an all-round artist given that she does not only paint. She is, also, a talented illustrator and graphic designer, as well as a digital, Indian ink and watercolour artist. Her bold artistic work transports the audience to another dimension and awakens their senses.

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