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Curiosity - The Beginning of Chaos Deepa Khanna Sobti Painting Oil on Canvas

Curiosity - The Beginning of Chaos, 2017

Deepa Khanna Sobti, Singapore

  • Technique
    Oil on Canvas
  • Framing details
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About the artwork

This painting is accompanied by the following original poem written by the Artist -

"Life begins and ends in an instant …Every instant brings a new explosion…Every happening is fresh and alive…But it is gone before I can even think about it…I can never hold on to anything…But life wants it that way…It wants me to just watch it in utter amazement…But I'm curious about life…I try to understand it…I want to hold it…And in my curiosity, I create chaos

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Deepa Khanna Sobti
« My philosophy is to push my viewers to realize the extent of personal conditioning that limits their actual undivided experience, and finally to be able to see beyond all thought-based conceptualization. »
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