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Les formes dansent entremêlant leurs couleurs sans un océan de points qui tels des poissons animent le fond scintillant et changeant de la toile. ¨Peinture acrylique sur toile, prête à être accrochée. les bords sont entrecollés de papier kraft, permettant des bords nets et bruts tendance, un encadrement style caisse américaine mettra parfaitement en valeur cette oeuvre abstraite L'oeuvre est vernie anti UV, brillant.

les formes Dominik Senaq Painting Acrylic on Canvas
les formes Dominik Senaq Painting Acrylic on Canvas
About Dominik Senaq

Dominik Senaq is a French painter whose work is inspired by Aboriginal art and Expressionism. She is currently living in Bordeaux.

Art: a vocation

In the ‘80s, Senaq was a part of a collective of artists. She did a series of exhibitions and happenings in Paris whilst studying art and engraving. In the ‘90s, she decided to go back to art school in Bordeaux, a city she has not left since, and to participate in multiple exhibitions as well as other artistic events in the region. For Senaq, art is for those who use it as a way to express their relationship to society and others. It is an invitation for dialogue, imbued with a certain spirituality.

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