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Abstrakte Landschaft

ohne Titel Evelina Velkaitė Painting Oil
ohne Titel Evelina Velkaitė Painting Oil
About Evelina Velkaitė

The painter Evelina Velkaitė was born in 1982 in Lithuania. Since 2017, she works from her studio in the Kunsthaus Haven, Germany. She first studied communication design at the Folkwang University of the Arts, then painting/graphics and photography/media at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Essen. She earned her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Art and Design in Basel.

The boundless landscape

Evelina Velkaitė's pictures associate with endless free landscapes. From time to time, references to reduced architecture and graphic elements can be found in them. The materiality and heaviness in her works seems to be dissolved, the colors raise up the abstract buildings as well as the landscape into a floating state. Above all, by means of this abstraction Evelina Velkaité reaches that which is actually unrepresentable: the vastness and the emptiness.

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