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Pen & ink on Black Somerset Paper

Dance of the Taliban Farina Alam Drawing Acrylic, Pen on Paper
Dance of the Taliban Farina Alam Drawing Acrylic, Pen on Paper
About Farina Alam

Farina Alam is a British-Pakistani artist, born 1971 in Karachi Pakistan, currently based in London. She studied at the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture in Karachi and earned a postgraduate degree at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL London. Farina Alam’s style is recognizable through her ink and nib drawings.

The Contemporary history of Pakistan at the core of her work

Alam’s earliest memories of riots in Karachi laid the foundations for her drawings.  In 1970’s the recently created nation of Pakistan was at a crossroads of active resistance to Western culture through an Islamic identity. Imposition of women’s head dress; sanctions on artistic freedom; proliferation of religious schools (madrassas); the emerging black market on foreign books, films, and prohibition on night clubs and alcohol, cast Karachi in a different light from her parents’ youth. The clash of cultures set the stage for her art.

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