Sur son cou fragile où quelques notes de " l'air du temps" de Ricci, venaient envahir sa peau, Vittoria avait bien senti avant que les lèvres de Piero viennent se déposer,quelques larmes chaudes tomber et glisser jusqu'à son épaule."Sì, sono innamorata di

François Pagé, France

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Sur son cou fragile où quelques notes de

About François Pagé

"No other artwork is as intentional as mine. What I make is the result of reflection and the study of the great masters."

François Pagé was born in 1962 in Tours, where he continues to live. He defines himself as a conceptual painter.

A multifaceted painter

Pagé graduated with a degree in History of Art and finished a National Postgraduate Degree in Expression in Visual Arts at l’École de Beaux Arts de Tours. He particularly admires the work of Gerhard Richter, a painter from former East Germany who was one of the first artists to examine society in his artwork. Stylistically speaking, Pagé, who hates the idea of chance and limits the size of his canvases to the nearest cm2, is impossible to define. He crosses boundaries so that he cannot be labelled. For him, art is a form of expression that must lead to an emotion and the questioning of both the audience and the creator.

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