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Distressed iron bulwark and pilings by the Delaware Bay, Cape May Point, NJ. From the series "Hazardous Shorelines", which takes its title from a warning posted within landfill rubble on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay. Although intended to safeguard visitors, the admonition seemed open to interpretation. The solidity of wood and stone and metal and glass is temporal at the water’s edge, and a photograph records only a brief moment…Learn more +

Bay Wraiths Geoffrey Agrons Photography
Bay Wraiths Geoffrey Agrons Photography
About Geoffrey Agrons

As a former radiologist, American photographer Geoffrey Agrons once spent his workdays interpreting “photographs” of the human interior. In time, he recognized that an unspoken aesthetic appreciation of diagnostic images was deeply entwined with the rigor of anatomic analysis, logic and problem solving.  He grew interested in a different relationship with photography, one that separated an immediate emotional response from vigilant interpretation.  In 2005 he acquired his first camera, and began to explore the world beyond the darkened radiology reading room.

The Struggle of Achieving Environmental Harmony

Agrons mostly explores the volatile coexistence between humans and the natural world. His work is informed by transition and ephemerality, and favors material that leaves an inchoate emotional residue-that haunting suspicion that we may have forgotten something important in our inattention to the sensual realm.  He has  come to think of these mementos mori as melancholigraphs.

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