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Les enjeux de la mémoire sont au centre du travail photographique de Héla ammar, qu’il s’agisse comme ici d’identités féminines ou de questions d’actualité. Dans « Hidden portraits », elle a choisi une approche introspective qui conduit à la réappropriation d'une mémoire qui lui est propre et à l’affirmation d’une identité multiple. L'imagerie féminine en Afrique du Nord a souvent été façonnée de l’extérieur par les fantasmes et les projections…Learn more +

Hidden portraits ©héla ammar, 2014, Héla Ammar Photography
Hidden portraits ©héla ammar, 2014, Héla Ammar Photography
About Héla Ammar

Héla Ammar, born in 1969, is a Tunisian photographer whose work focuses, essentially, on memory and identity.

Photographer, woman and Tunisian

Ammar began her artistic career by producing abstract paintings, which she quickly abandoned for photography. This medium effectively allowed her to place herself as a woman, and more importantly, a woman from a Mediterranean country. For the first time, the photographer was propelled into the public space during the Tunisian Revolution, during which she worked with the artist JR on a series of portraits of Tunisians, breaking away from the traditional portrait of the president. Ammar’s training in law has, also, led her to explore the world of prisons, where one of her most important series is set.

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