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Extrait #1 du Tryptique "Troncs cheminants" Chemin de vie, troncs d'arbre, cheminement.

Troncs cheminants extrait #1 Isabelle Vicherat Drawing
Troncs cheminants extrait #1 Isabelle Vicherat Drawing
About Isabelle Vicherat

Living between Paris and Marseille, Isabelle Vicherat is an artist of multi-mediums who was born in Paris in 1983.  Her work revolves mainly around the representation of the human body and is a combination of installation, video and drawings.

Art as a means of expression

A shy and introverted child, Isabelle Vicherat quickly developed her powers of observation.  From early on in her life, art served as a refuge, a land of freedom where she could express her feelings, her dreams and her fears.  Little by little, she began to understand that this landscape would also enable her to reveal and to share, that this was a way to feel that she fully existed.  So, she decided to study at the Beaux Arts where she obtained her Higher National Diploma in Plastic Arts in 2009.  Since then, she has worked full time on the realisation of her artistic projects.

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