Attracteurs étranges

Jérôme Arbonville, France

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Attracteurs étranges | Painting

About Jérôme Arbonville

"Mankind is nothing more than numerous shapes."

An artist and painter with an unusual career, Jérôme Arbonville was born in France in 1969 at Charleville-Mézières in the Ardennes.  Amongst his sources of inspiration are painters such as Gustave Courbet, Francis Bacon, Brueghel and Max Ernst.

A decisive exhibition

After studying business, followed by a short career as a consultant, Jérôme Arbonville realised that his destiny lay elsewhere.  He was a bass player in several rock bands but his solitary temperament also distanced him from any musical career and it was eventually thanks to a retrospective of Francis Bacon’s work at the Pompidou Centre in 1996, which impressed him deeply, that he realised he wanted to become an artist.  He has painted every day since then and exhibited his first works in 2001.

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