Brentor Church

Jamie Andrews, United Kingdom

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Brentor Church | Painting

About Jamie Andrews

"Art is nothing without imagination and thoughtful play."

Jamie Andrews is British multimedia artist currently living in Suffolk. His work explores several genres - landscape, portrait, religious, political, social and satirical. His inspiration to become an artist stems from his family, particularly his father who was an art dealer, leading him to playfully draw, opening a whole new world of visual communication.  

Inspiration from his Life Experiences

Andrews paints landscapes using his imagination, striving not for a vivid, realistic interpretation but more so based on his memories associated with these places and how they made him feel. “Brentor Church” was for example a standout recollection where he captured his intense feelings on a canvas. Alternatively, his portraits are based on Freud’s personality theory, where he uses the ID, ego and super-ego to make sense of the people around him. 

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