This painting is part of 'Delphine and Jay: the concrete and the abstract' - collaborative conceptual paintings by Delphine, born September 2014, and Jay Rechsteiner, born October 1971 "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso Fascinated by the way young children (especially toddlers) draw and paint, I have decided to work together with my two-year old daughter Delphine. In general the…

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Delphine & Jay: Painting 05 Jay Rechsteiner Painting
Delphine & Jay: Painting 05 Jay Rechsteiner Painting
About Jay Rechsteiner

Jay Rechsteiner is a Swiss multi-disciplinary artist who is today based between London and Margate, UK. Working with painting, photography, video and performance, his works often tackle anarchic and political themes in a frank and sometimes startling manner, drawing attention to the absurdness of his subjects.

The Storyteller

Three integral aspects of Rechsteiner’s work are process, zeitgeist and peripatetics, and most of his artistic production can be applied to one of these categories. It is important for him that his works reflect the journey that they have made. Through a constant critical analysis of his work, he often revisits pieces, allowing them to take new directions. The themes and subject matters of his work are explicitly relevant to the culture of today, and though his viewers may not be of the same opinion, his works are active conversations, undoubtedly inciting reaction and response.

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