Architecture intérieure #04

Jean-Pierre Attal, France

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Architecture intérieure #04 | Photography

About Jean-Pierre Attal

Jean-Pierre Attal is a photographic artist born in 1963, currently living and working in Paris.  He is particularly well known for his works about urban society and the place that man occupies within it.

A study of urban society

Since 2000, Jean-Pierre Attal has been working on a reflection about urban society.  What this photographer is studying is the place of the individual within the city and the paradoxes of these landscapes and urban life.  The artist’s photographs are presented in a large pictorial and geometric format that, as one gets closer in order to observe the details, enables the viewer to enter into the daily intimacies of the city’s inhabitants.  The paradox between grandeur and microscopic realities is then highlighted by the photographer in a sort of urban kaleidoscope.

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