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"Wege" meint auf abstrakte Weise: Wege, Wegkreuzungen, Ereignisse, Beziehungen - gerade auch im biographischen Sinne.

Wege Johannes Rave Painting Oil on Canvas
Wege Johannes Rave Painting Oil on Canvas
About Johannes Rave

German painter Johannes Rave, born in 1955, places himself in the field of abstract painting, which, however, often plays with references to representationalism and in some works also with a figuration. He studied painting and graphics at the Art Academy Stuttgart under Rudolf Schoofs (1978 - 1986). In 1992, Johannes Rave received the scholarship of the Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation. After a few years in Asia, he now lives and works in Germany.

Technology as a means of expression

Johannes Rave does not work out of a medium, but chooses a fitting technique depending on what he wants to express. He takes the liberty to mix different materials such as oil and acrylic paint or oil and watercolor paints. He sees the innermost core of his work, even in his watercolors, which range from small formats to large formats - and are testament to great mastery of watercolor technique.

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