Original Fine Art Sketch of people walking in the rain in Berlin City, Germany. Materials... Winsor and Newton ink pens and acrylics on high quality heavyweight paper made by Daler Rowney. One of a kind Artwork. Signed on the front.

Rainy Day in Berlin | Painting
Rainy Day in Berlin | Painting
About Kirstin Mccoy

Kirstin McCoy is an Irish painter who lives and works in the South of France. Influenced by the Impressionists, Expressionists and Fauvists, her canvases capture the wonders of nature, flora and fauna, under the brilliant “southern light” as well as seascapes from the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Pollinating Homes

At times McCoy zooms in on nature’s subjects, be it the petals and stigma of a flower, or the marked wings of a butterfly, and at times a more distant position, looking down a cascading alley of autumnal trees. Painting in ”plein air”, as a witness to their beauty, she brings their spirit to people’s homes, as reminders of the essence of life.

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