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a tribut to German Krautrock band CAN and their famos record TAGO MAGO, collage, acrylic and oil paint, records on canvas

Halleluhwah Klaus Killisch Painting Acrylic, Collage on Canvas
About Klaus Killisch

The German painter, Klaus Killisch, lives and works in Berlin. After completing his studies at the Art School in Berlin in 1986, he developed his unique punk-pop style, which continues to thread through his work to this day. Klaus Killisch spent much time working in France, Italy, Ireland, the USA and Japan.

On science fiction books and Marcel Duchamp

Klaus Killisch's first came into contact with art through science fiction books from the 1950s. Even as a child, cover pictures from the »Utopia« series inspired his imagination. These were the beginnings of a deeper interest in painting and its power of imagination. To Klaus Killisch, the power and impact of images created by exciting compositions and color inventions is in the foreground. The influence of his idol, Marcel Duchamp, is reflected in many of his works.

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