Series tracing the developments of the Battersea Power Station site and its site hoardings since 2011. Signed Lambda archival print on Fuji Crystal Matte Velvet providing deep colour and an almost reflection free surface - (no need for glass).Incl. 3cm white border.

The Battered Site #2 Krystina Stimakovits Photography
The Battered Site #2 Krystina Stimakovits Photography
About Krystina Stimakovits

Originally from Vienna, Krystina Stimakovits is a visual artist living in London. Her photographic work explores the realm of man-made surfaces and layers to be found within urban sites of transition.

Changing Cities

The city is a place of perpetual change of abandonment, demolition and construction, where everyday we encounter an incongruous mix of man-made and organic forms. Stimakovits mines visual challenges and delights from dividing structures, such as glass, mesh, fencing and hoardings. These provide layers that act as both a barrier and doorway to visual fields, hiding and revealing in equal measure. For her these offer fertile metaphors for the complexities of contemporary living.

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