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About global heat, earth and ice, hot and cold, red and white.

TEMPERATURE RISING Lia Galletti Painting Acrylic
TEMPERATURE RISING Lia Galletti Painting Acrylic
About Lia Galletti

Lia Galletti is a painter, born in Havana, Cuba and now living in Miami, Florida. She was heavily influenced by her father after seeing him paint, inspiring her to experiment with drawing during her early school years. After moving to New York with her family, she started to exhibit in the city, establishing her style within abstract expressionism.  

Simple forms and Colour as the Foundation of her Art

For Galetti, the most complex messages are encoded in the most simple of forms. She therefore does not aim to present viewers with a particular narrative but she rather prefers her work to evoke feelings that are similar to what she paints on her canvas. Colour is then vital to express these as nuances and variation in tones enable her to portray the continual movement of our emotions, whether they are favourable or not.

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