They went away before I could see if they were real II.2

Marine Lefebvre, France

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They went away before I could see if they were real II.2 | Print

About Marine Lefebvre

"Drawing is a way of representing an ideal space."

Marine Lefebvre is a French designer and engraver who was born in 1991.  Through her work, drawing reveals itself as a way of making visible the sensation of a space that the artist has previously experienced.  Her landscapes are rarefied through their declination of greys and whites, an intense reverie that is tinged with melancholy.

Drawing as an expanse of freedom

An artist by vocation, Marine Lefebvre obtained her degree in the Decorative Arts in Paris and also studied at the Royal College of Art in London.  Wishing to deepen her mastery of engraving techniques, she finished her training under the guidance of the copperplate printer René Tazé as well as at the Seacourt Print Workshop, Landfall Press and with Michael Woolworth.  For this artist, drawing is a domain of freedom, a quick way to reveal intimate intentions.  Focussing particularly on the genre of landscape painting and the technique of etching, the nostalgia for a place that has been idealised by memory is an important aspect of her work

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