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He has explored the found imagery of the leftover fragments from posters or advertising billboards and the accidental juxtapositions of the images that remain. The degradation of the poster surfaces reveal the geometry of their original construction.

Remains 50% Michael Tarr Painting Oil on Paper
Remains 50% Michael Tarr Painting Oil on Paper
About Michael Tarr

Michael Tarr is a British artist based in Somerset, working in various media. He developed a natural aptitude for drawing and painting at school, thereafter studying at the Somerset College of Art. After this he worked for 12 years in an architectural practice, which has influenced his subsequent work.

Varied Subject Interests                                                                             

Tarr is primarily working on three different series. ‘Remains’ explore the leftover fragments of posters and the accidental juxtaposition of the images that remain. ‘Glimpses’ display the partial views seen in passing, usually in an architectural context, reflecting our view of the world. ‘Structures’ are usually stacks of everyday items, turning them in to geometric compositions.

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