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The "Metapolis" project is the start of a path leading into a-temporal town. We are far from the noisy metropolis convulse, impetuous, disorderly, violent in their contrasts. Here we are on the border between metaphysics and realism. And from this threshold that the author moves to bring us to an invisible film with an extremely articulated storyline, punctuated by sixteen still image. The country seems drowned in opaque veils; all colors are subjected…Learn more +

Metapolis #16 Michele Di Donato Photography Digital on Paper
Metapolis #16 Michele Di Donato Photography Digital on Paper
About Michele Di Donato

Michele Di Donato is an Italian photographer based in Sicily.  Growing up, his family was accustomed to using photography to document their everyday lives in a leisurely manner however Donato took this a step further by pursuing a career in the field. He has travelled around the world, to countries as far as Japan to display his work.  

Nostalgic Inspirations

Di Donato recalls memories from repeated gestures or timeless old movie scenes he finds on a daily basis and applies this to his work, hoping for it to be viewed in the same manner.  He prefers the use of conceptual photography which provides him with a more focused idea of what his finished image will look like. This assures his initial understanding of the image and his vision of the completed photographic piece.

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