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About Noélie Raix

Noélie Raix, born in 1991, is a painter, illustrator and art teacher living in Limoges. The multi-award-winning artist, who is fond of oil painting, expresses herself through portraits as well as genre and landscape paintings.

Between modernity and traditionalism

After graduating with a baccalaureate in Applied Arts, Raix studied drawing and academic painting with the artist Olivier Esturgie. Today, she is an artist and an art teacher, and, since 2015, a member of la Fondation Taylor, an association of artists wanting to develop their artistic knowledge. What she likes about painting is the possibility of using multiple tools, from the most modern to the most traditional. According to Raix “it is important to be relevant without abandoning past techniques.” The artist knows how to mix skill, technique and thought and chooses to express herself through oil painting. However, she does not turn her back on modern technology. According to Raix, the important thing is to evoke emotion, it does not matter which mediums you use to achieve that.

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